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   Hotels brands in Istanbul

  1. ACCOR (amount:2 hotels)
  2. ATEL (amount:17 hotels)
  3. BARCELO (amount:2 hotels)
  4. BEST WESTERN (amount:10 hotels)
  5. CLASSIC (amount:1 hotels)
  6. COURTYARD (amount:1 hotels)
  7. CROWNE PLAZA (amount:1 hotels)
  8. DESIGN (amount:1 hotels)
  9. E REZ (amount:1 hotels)
  10. FOUR SEASONS (amount:3 hotels)
  11. GREAT (amount:4 hotels)
  12. HILTON (amount:2 hotels)
  13. HOLIDAY INN (amount:2 hotels)
  14. HOTUSA (amount:4 hotels)
  15. HYATT (amount:2 hotels)
  16. IHOTELIER (amount:28 hotels)
  17. INTERCONTINENTAL (amount:1 hotels)
  18. ITS (amount:27 hotels)
  19. KEMPINSKI (amount:1 hotels)
  20. LEXINGTON (amount:4 hotels)
  21. MARRIOTT (amount:1 hotels)
  22. MOVENPICK (amount:1 hotels)
  23. OTEDIS (amount:2 hotels)
  24. RADISSON (amount:2 hotels)
  25. RAMADA (amount:3 hotels)
  26. RECONLINE (amount:7 hotels)
  27. RENAISSANCE (amount:1 hotels)
  28. RESERVHOTEL (amount:5 hotels)
  29. RESORT BOOKINGS (amount:1 hotels)
  30. RITZ CARLTON (amount:1 hotels)
  31. SELECT (amount:1 hotels)
  32. SHERATON (amount:2 hotels)
  33. SMALL LUXURY HTL (amount:1 hotels)
  34. SUMMIT (amount:1 hotels)
  35. SWISSOTELS (amount:1 hotels)
  36. SYNXIS (amount:10 hotels)
  37. TOP (amount:1 hotels)
  38. UNIREZ (amount:30 hotels)
  39. UTELL (amount:1 hotels)
  40. W HOTELS (amount:1 hotels)

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